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*Equator does not and cannot guarantee listings as a result of purchasing Equator products. Asset management companies and loan servicers select their own agents and those selections are often based on factors besides Certification, Lead Areas and other Equator products including market conditions, relationships with agents and other factors. Being elite/certified on Equator and purchasing Lead Areas or other optional Equator products could help enhance the relationship(s) you have with your asset management companies and loan servicers but it is the agent’s responsibility to leverage their Equator products and other business development efforts to cultivate their relationship with any and all asset management companies and loan servicers that they desire to receive listings.


Become an Elite REO Agent

Leverage your business with exclusive access to REO Data, REO Certification, and Real-Time Alerts.

Equator Agent Elite Gives You:

Access to your local counties’ Equator REO market data, insights, and performance.

  • View 15 metrics showing REO activity in a monthly report
  • See REO sales, offers, and days on market performance
  • Access historical data on any State or County across the U.S.

Get REAL-TIME notifications when new REO properties from 4 of the top 5 U.S. Servicers need a listing Agent.

  • Get notified of new unassigned REO properties on Equator
  • Receive notifications for up to 250 ZIP codes of your choice

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Get the tools and insights you need to be a high-performing agent!

To succeed in today's competitive REO market, you need more than just relationships. You need knowledge, data, and insights about your local market.

Equator Agent Elite is specifically designed to do just that - to provide you with the tools and information to help you become a successful REO agent.

Training and certification on Equator’s Agent workflow and platform, as well as REO and Short Sale.

  • Get priority search ranking when Servicers search for agents
  • Access REO, short sale, and workflow training courses
  • Get a Certified badge that sets you apart from other agents

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