Understanding your market is essential to being a successful REO Agent. 

Here, we provide the latest Equator REO data and intelligence we have on our system from 4 out of the top 5 U.S. Servicers, which is approximately 30%-40% of the entire U.S. market. Our goal is to help you succeed in REO so you can become the highest performing agent you can be. 

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*Equator does not and cannot guarantee listings as a result of taking its Certification training or by purchasing Premium Placements, Visual Promotion or other optional Equator products. Asset management companies and loan servicers select their own agents and those selections are often based on factors besides Certification, Lead Areas and other Equator products including market conditions, relationships with agents and other factors. Being trained/certified on Equator and purchasing Lead Areas or other optional Equator products could help enhance the relationship(s) you have with your asset management companies and loan servicers but it is the agent’s responsibility to leverage their Equator products and other business development efforts to cultivate their relationship with any and all asset management companies and loan servicers that they desire to receive listings.


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